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UPDATE09 Sep 2013



Proposal for BIMSTEC List of Designated Persons presented by Thailand at the 5th meeting of BIMSTEC SG-CFT in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in March 2013

Proposal for BIMSTEC List of Designated Persons

Rationale: The 4th BIMSTEC Sub-Group CFT Meeting in Bangkok in March 2012 adopted a proposal by Thailand for the creation of a BIMSTEC List of Designated Persons for CFT purposes modeled on the UN consolidated list. The Meeting however requested that Thailand develop a conceptual framework for circulation before the next sub-group meeting.

Conceptual Framework:

1. BIMSTEC countries  all send their list of persons designated for CFT to the Thai focal point at so that these will be put into a consolidated list. Each time an update is made to the list of a country, a complete new list to replace the previous one will be communicated to the Thai focal point via the same channel. The consolidated list will be put on BIMSTEC site located under Details of each personentity designated shall be as exemplified in the document attached.

2. Each member will monthly check entries into and departures from its country against the consolidated list.

3. Where a person on the consolidated list is found entering or departing a country, that country will immediately inform the country which proposed that person onto the consolidated list of his movement. This will be conducted via an email address member countries allocated for the purpose.

4. Each time the person referred to in item 3 is found to have entered a country, that country will check his/her transactions conducted during his/her stay and information, if any, will be sent to the country which proposed the person onto the consolidated list via the same channel.      








Name: 1: MOUSTAFA 2: ABBES 3: na 4: na
Name (original script): مصطفى عباس
Title: na Designation: na DOB: 5 Feb. 1962  POB: Osniers, Algeria  Good quality a.k.a.: a) Mostafa Abbes b) Mostafa Abbas born in France on 5 Feb. 1962 c) Mustafa Abbas d) Moustapha Abbes  Low quality a.k.a.: na  Nationality: Algerian  Passport no.: na  National identification no.: na  Address: Algeria   Other information: Brother of Youcef Abbes (QI.A.166.04). Review pursuant to Security Council resolution 1822 (2008) was concluded on 28 Sep. 2009.

Identifiers and acronyms in the list

  • Name 1, Name 2, Name 3, Name 4: Four separate name fields have been provided in order to accommodate the full range of naming conventions used in all cultures. For example, for Arabic names, Name 1 is the individual's first name/given name, Name 2 is the name of the individual's father, Name 3 is the name of the individual's grandfather and Name 4 is the individual's family name/surname/last name (if known).
  • Name (original script): Name as it would appear in the original script (e.g. Arabic, Cyrillic, Farsi/Dari, etc.)
  • Title: Honorary, professional, religious or other title (current or last held).
  • Designation: Official title/position.
  • Occupation
  • DOB: Date of birth, including alternative date(s) of birth.
  • POB: Place of birth, including alternative place(s) of birth.
  • Good quality a.k.a.: Alias(es) (also known as) sufficient for a positive identification. Note that names in this field are not separated as Name 1, 2, 3, 4 but are listed as full names.
  • Low quality a.k.a.: Alias(es) (also known as) probably insufficient alone for a positive identification.
  • Nationality: previous or current nationality or citizenship.
  • Passport no.: Passport, travel or substitute/auxiliary document number(s).
  • National identification no.: such as ID card numbers, Social Security numbers, Fiscal Code or Tax Identification numbers
  • Address: permanent, temporary or previous residence(s) or address(es) for correspondence.
  • Other information: Supplementary information relevant to identification of the individual.

 Entities /other group


Name (original script): تحریک طالبان پاکستان
A.k.a.: a) Tehrik-I-Taliban Pakistan b) Tehrik-e-Taliban c) Pakistani Taliban d) Tehreek-e-Taliban  F.k.a.: na  Address: na   Other information: Tehrik-e Taliban is based in the tribal areas along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. Formed in 2007, its leader is Hakimullah Mehsud (QI.M.286.10.). Wali Ur Rehman (QI.U.287.10.) is the Emir of TTP for South Waziristan.

Identifiers and acronyms in the list

  • Name: name of entity and any acronyms.
  • Name (original script): name as it would appear in the original script (e.g. Arabic, Cyrillic, Farsi/Dari)
  • A.k.a.: Alias(es) (also known as) and any acronyms.
  • F.k.a.: formerly known as and any acronyms.

·         Entity Registration Number/Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) (if any).

  • Address: Address(es) where entity is domiciled or registered or has branch(es)/office(s) or correspondence address(es).
  • Other information: Supplementary information relevant to identification of the entity.





Country Presentation


From the 5th meeting in Bangladesh, BIMSTEC member countries presented case studies and experiences

on "Terrorist Financing through Wire Transfers" as follows;

Bangladesh Bhutan India
Myanmar Nepal  Srilanka



CFT law and relevant regulations













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